The Collaborative Communication Difference

What makes our approach to organizational and personal communication strikingly effective is that it is based on a world-renowned, proven method that empowers you to address barriers to communication, right in the moment they occur. Our training will empower you to:

  • Focus on what's happening (concrete observations free of evaluation),
  • Understand why it matters (internal response and core values), and
  • Address what matters most for moving forward (clear, positive and doable requests for powerful results!)

Created by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, the Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication (NVC) process lies at the heart of everything we teach, how we advise our clients, and even how we operate our organization.

We’ve adapted the NVC process for organizational use because we’ve found it to be the most effective tool to teach transformative communication skills — whether used by a CEO of a major corporation, an executive team of a national nonprofit, a grassroots community leader, or a social worker speaking with her client.

Throughout our consulting services menu — from our highly integrated organizational communication programs, to one-on-one coaching, and team retreats — you will find we use the following critical elements:

  • Relevant assessments to better gauge the impact of your current challenges and communication methods
  • Training in the core concepts of our proven methodology
  • Experiential learning and practice with real-world examples
  • Post-assessments to identify measurable improvements where it matters most


If you are a decision maker interested in learning more about our organizational communication consulting services, we’d like to speak with you!

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